2 May 2021 - Tamara Mitrevska

How to build trust with your customers and clients

Many young entrepreneurs think that the most difficult part of starting a business is creating something and setting it in motion. Yes, the whole process is rather intimidating and tough, but your work is not done. It is just starting. The more tangled and unpredictable phase comes once you’ve established your company. Attracting your previously targeted demographic can be challenging, however maintaining that relationship will be crucial to your business and the future of it. How do you compel your customers to pick you, and to ultimately devote to your brand? Easy, earn their trust and you will always have them.

Trust is the base of every relationship, without it the mutuality will easily fall apart. Along with honesty and clarity you get a solid connection with your consumers and clients. Basically, just stay true to your concept. Do not lie or over-sell it. There is nothing more irritating than being tricked into something over false promotion. It is a recipe for disaster and a terrible reputation! Encourage quality and you will become trustable.

Customers are, after all, the reason your brand even exists, and of course your wish to facilitate their lives. The profit and progress your business makes depends on their common sense, so be ready to pledge your effort and loyalty. One major point is being socially active and transparent. This way you can gain much more audience, withal there is not a single soul on this planet that doesn’t check and search everything online, particularly regarding something new. Create a website or profiles on every social network and you can also make use of the option they all provide, sponsored advertisements. Therefore, even if someone hasn’t heard of your product, based on their online activity, they will. Post frequently and your customers will notice the ambition and desire for demonstrating your worth. Leave your contact somewhere seeable, this information will invoke safety. Besides this, it is advisable to share reviews, 90% of the people admit that other customer’s references affect their decision whether to purchase some product. This belief serves clients too.

Paint a picture of reliability and openness, make yourself available for communication. In order to effectively achieve this, set up a satisfactory customer service. Recruit patient, positive, empathetic and talkative employees that will add up a personal approach. You have to care if you want people to trust you. Understanding the customers and solving their problems is mandatory for the progress of this relationship.

Furthermore, be prepared and open to criticism. Getting feedback is very useful, whether it’s positive or negative. It will help in the improvement of the product and guide you in continually answering your client’s and consumer’s needs. Noticing that their opinions and advices have been implemented will only solidify your alliance. And of course, we all know that a proof that someone was genuinely paying attention to us and not just listening for the sake of order is a win-win situation in the trust field!

Lastly, always own up to your mistakes and keep the promises you made, address and resolve the misunderstanding immediately before it gets bigger. Instead of trying to bury the problems, turn the situation around and make them your asset. Relating to this, it is recommended to set up rational and calculated expectations with the purpose of awing the clients with delivering more than they expected later. You shouldn’t trick them but this is suggested for the sake of not failing.

Truly appreciating your clients and customers will partially complete your job. Trust is imperative for every relation, including this. If this key element is lacking, nothing will function properly. Put your customers first, make them feel like a priority and they will portray your company as trustworthy thus ground an admirable name for you. As a result of this, the brand you are trying to pursue will become more selectable. Stay honorable to your promises no matter what, owing to the fact that it takes just “a second” to damage all the effort you have impeccably invested. Following these principal points will save your skin and direct you towards dominance over the competition in this department. So, buckle up! It’s going to be one hell of a ride.